The remarkable experience in processing items that contain different materials and manufacturing procedures, makes us the most appropriate Partner for the development of complicated multi-component projects then used in the product of other Companies.

The range of our products and technical solutions has been designed to so that we can maximize the efficiency of a heating system, respecting the technical European Regulations as well as regulations related to Health, Safety and Environment.

The supply of many custom engineered products, created exactly to satisfy the special needs of the final Customer, has enabled us to establish a wide business networking developing long-term relationships with Clients. It has been years that our Team has worked with innovation Professionals so as to offer our OEM Clients services based on:

  • 50-year experience in the domestic hot water and heating market
  • Supply of tailor-made products according to various customer needs
  • Cooperating with a selection of competent sub-suppliers
  • Work collaboratively with R&D, Marketing, Designer and Molding Departments to get the desired result
Technology Co-Design