The resitance to corrosion of the Stainless steel products is redefined

New pickling and passivation unit for stainless steel products.


Giona Holding has always manufactured high-quality stainless-steel products using austenitic steel.
Our technology uses automatic welding machines (Plasma, tig and Mag) and the welding processes are carried out in controlled atmosphere. This leads to the premium quality and longer life-span of our products.
The recent introduction of the new modern pickling and passivation unit (in compliance with STANDARD ASMT A380) gave us the chance to further rise our products’ corrosion resistance standards.
A pickled and passivated stainless product can reach a corrosion resistance level which can be five times higher than that of a standard product.
This treatment is made as standard on the range of stainless-steel heat pumps Futura X, but can also be requested for any other product.
Due to the use of this technology in combination with the electronic anode, there is no need of maintenance against the corrosion  of our heat pumps. This lead to a considerable saving and the user will count on an efficient and reliable appliance.

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